Hey bro! Wanna sell your product in Nuw Zulund? Lusten up!!


Did you know MPW Supply Chain Consultancy is run and owned by a Kiwi? Sweet As!! So if you need to talk about Jandals, Chilly Bins, and the All Blacks, we’ve got you.

With more than 13 years expertise assisting clients in dealing with New Zealand, MPW is the best option if you want to either purchase goods from New Zealand, or sell them yours. New Zealand may be a different country, but it doesn’t mean you have to treat them that way! We always joke that NZ is just another state of Australia, time to deal with them the same way!

Well how does that work for you?

We offer a wide range of services as follows:


With a weekly LCL Service from Fremantle, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and even Adelaide, we can get your goods on a boat and into New Zealand in no time. We can even offer the same regular service from Auckland and Christchurch back to you in Australia!

Errr So what is LCL? Common Question… This is ‘Less than a Container Load’.. So if you only have a pallet or 5, we can ship your cargo in a regular consolidation of other shippers meaning you don’t need to move a whole container.


The old Full Container Loads.. MPW has fantastic pricing with the key carriers on the Tasman. We can ship Full Containers from your door to your client in no time and for a competitive price. They’ll even drop the container with a Sideloader to your client’s door (Did you know the kiwis pretty much invented the Sideloader, or Swungluft as they call it over there)?


MPW owner Mitch Williams previously handled Export Airfreight for the Perth branch of one of New Zealand’s largest freight forwarders, so this area is our Niche. Almost anything is possible, so just ask for a quote today!


We have accounts with all the main global couriers, and very competitive pricing. If it’s a 1kg box, up to 100kg, International courier is the way to go. All we need is the post codes, and cargo dimensions and we can quote you in a flash!

Cross Trade

No, this isn’t dressing up as the opposite sex, it means we can even ship your cargo directly from your overseas supplier to your customer in New Zealand, without it even touching Australia!! Crikey! This is called Cross Trade shipping, and our crafty imports ninjas can provide documentation showing you as the shipper so your customer doesn’t see who you purchased the goods from! You don’t even need to worry about invoicing your client in New Zealand for freight! We handle all this on your behalf.

Managed Warehousing/Distribution

MPW can assist you by analysing your business and setting up 3rd Party Warehousing in Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch (or even all three if you like!?) so that you can pick, pack, and dispatch goods to your customers with same day delivery! We have extensive relationships with all the best carriers in New Zealand so your customer will only experience top notch service!

Moving house?

MPW unfortunately doesn’t offer personal effects/furniture removals, however we know heaps of bros that do. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with the right company to help you with your move.

Chur Bro, where do I sign up???

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