I want to Store Product


MPW can offer anything from cross docking, short term storage, long term bulk storage, bonded storage, to fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) storage and distribution.

So I want to store some goods.. what do I need to know?

  • Find out what the right type of storage is for my business?  Do I require long term, short term, bulk storage, or managed warehousing?  The best way to work this out is to calculate how much stock you require to be held, and what the turn over is for that stock?
  • Get a clear understanding of how the charging works. The majority of 3rd Party warehouses will charge you based on the amount of pallet spaces you take up on a weekly basis, as well as the level of activity in terms of orders picked/packed, and dispatched. Once you have an idea of the required volumes for storage, it is possible to put together more accurate costing models.
  • If you don’t have exact figures, try your best to estimate what the weekly storage amounts will be.  This way your pricing will be more accurate from the start.. It can always be reviewed down the track.
  • Make sure your provider can handle your goods.  The majority of commodities are more than appropriate for 3rd Party/Managed warehousing, however there are certain Dangerous Goods items which will need to be approved in advance.
  • Labelling is really important.  Make sure your goods are clearly marked so that they can be picked/packed correctly.  Prior to your goods being inwards into the warehouse, send an accurate inventory list accompanied by photos if possible that clearly identifies your products.  You want to reduce any possible mistakes.
  • When you send through a new order, make sure you provide at least 24 hours notice for the warehouse to pick and pack the goods.  This is standard in the industry and allows enough time to have your goods dispatched within the required deadline.

You’re good to go!