Tired of dealing with a revolving door of team members at your freight company?

Another Number.png

Most freight forwarders have a real problem retaining team members in Western Australia, and you as the customer end up being the one getting let down.

We say it’s time to stop making excuses as to why you should put up with being another number.  Having to explain how your business works to a new person every week can get tiresome.  Does that sales rep who pops in and promises the world ever follow up?  Don’t worry, they’ll be replaced in a few months and you’ll have to teach the new person all over again.

MPW Supply Chain Consultancy is a West Australian family owned and operated business that takes the pain out of dealing with large complacent freight forwarders by doing it all for you… And the best part, you only have to deal with one person, and that person isn’t going anywhere!

Switch over to MPW Supply Chain Consultancy TODAY and be reminded what real service feels like.


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