YM Efficiency containers on seafloor may be hazardous

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THE Australian maritime Safety Authority is working to locate some containers on the sea floor that were lost overboard the YM Efficiency on 1 June.

A “large amount” of debris was recovered from beaches north of Newcastle, and one of the 83 containers has been recovered, according to AMSA.

Modelling indicates that most of the lost containers have sunk close to the site of the incident between Newcastle and Crowdy Heads, or washed ashore.


The authority announced it would pursue options to locate the sunken containers where they may pose a risk to safety, and it is investigating options to deploy hydrographic capability to pin point the location of the containers on the sea floor.

An AUSCOAST warning was issued and is as follows:

Chart affected – AUS 207/AUS 209/AUS 219/AUS 489/AUS 809/AUS 810/AUS 4643

Due to 83 shipping containers lost overboard in 33-02S 152-04E at 311430hrs UTC May 18, obstructions on the seabed are likely to exist in an area bounded by the following positions:

33° 05′.0 S 152° 03′.0 E
32° 50′.0 S 151° 54′.0 E
32° 38′.0 S 152° 12′.5 E
32° 45′.0 S 152° 21′.5 E.

It is possible that obstructions on the seabed may exist in an area bounded by the following positions:

32° 45′.0 S 152° 21′.5 E
32° 38′.0 S 152° 12′.5 E
32° 08′.0 S 152° 33′.0 E
32° 20′.0 S 152° 51′.5 E.

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution in the area.

Further information can be found on AMSA’s website, and the NSW Roads and Maritime website.

Story found at: The Daily Cargo News by Ian Ackerman; June 12 2018. 

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