MSC to equip 50,000 containers with smart trackers


“MSC has announced it would implement a new technology to enable containers to communicate real-time data on position and movements throughout their journeys.

The company is teaming up with TRAXENS to equip 50,000 shipping containers with these smart devices.

The use of digital technologies such as these smart containers is to bring end-to-end visibility to the supply chain and boost safety, efficiency service and security.

MSC president and CEO Diego Aponte said he believed that the real-time tracking of containers is the future of the shipping industry.

“While shipping lines should, of course, compete on service, we will achieve better results for our customers by working in a more harmonised way on technology and innovation,” he said.

“Smart containers are a perfect example of where we can co-operate according to industry standards to make our services truly comprehensive and TRAXENS is the top innovator in this area.”

Article Credit of The Daily Cargo News Online.  Link found here. 

October 17th 2018.

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