“A COMPANY dealing in live exports has had its license suspended by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

The name of the company has not been released, however Fairfax, the ABC and The Guardian are all reporting it is Emanuel Exports, understood to be the nation’s largest exporter of sheep.

In a statement released by the Department, it said the licence would remain suspended “pending a review of the company’s response to a show cause notice”.

“The laws that regulate the export of livestock include strict requirements to ensure the health and welfare of animals. It is the responsibility of each exporter to ensure it meets those obligations,” the Department stated.

“The Department takes those responsibilities very seriously.”

According to the statement, it was inappropriate for the Department to provide information while the investigation was ongoing.

Further information is expected to be released after a review.

Emanuel Exports was the company that stocked the vessel Awassi Express, a ship on which 2400 died last year in conditions of extreme heat.

Footage from the voyage, broadcast by 60 Minutes, generated outrage when witnessed by Australian viewers earlier in the year.”

Article Credit of – The Daily Cargo News

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