Freight faces “unprecedented change”, says Infrastructure Australia boss


“A LONG-term strategic approach for handling the national freight task is essential if the country is to grasp opportunities of the future, Infrastructure Australia acting chief executive Anna Chau says.

Speaking on the opening morning of the SAFC/ICHCA Conference in Adelaide, Ms Chau said Australia’s freight sector was “undergoing a fairly unprecedented period of change”.

“To make the most of the opportunities ahead of us, Australia needs a long-term strategic approach to our national freight and supply chains,” Ms Chau told the gathering.

“This is key to ensuring our freight and supply chains are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible and delivering long-term productivity benefits to the Australian economy.”

Ms Chau said the Australian government was making “important progress” in the development of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy.

“We look forward to seeing [the strategy] finalised over the next year or so,” she said.

“Next year with the release of the 2019 infrastructure priority list … we look forward to continuing to shape public debate.”

Ms Chau’s presentation also touched on such areas as:

  • population growth;
  • trade with Asia and the growth of the Asian middle class;
  • urban encroachment; and
  • the growth of microfreight and the use of light commercial vehicles.

“Microfreight is becoming an increasingly important part of Australia’s freight and supply chain networks,” Ms Chau said.

“In Sydney for instance, light commercial vehicles or delivery vans make up about 15% of traffic.””

Article Credit of David Sexton, The Daily Cargo News – October 31st 2018


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