Department cancels second live export licence


“A SECOND live exporter, EMS Rural Exports, has had its livestock export licence cancelled.

This follows a “show cause process” from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

EMS Rural Exports is a subsidiary of Emanuel Exports which had its export licence cancelled by the Department in late August.

According to a Departmental statement, cancellation of a licence is “a serious step that is only taken in the best interests of the industry and for the protection of Australia’s high standards on animal welfare”.

“As the Department noted when the Emanuel licence was cancelled, it is the responsibility of each exporter to ensure it meets the clear requirements under the legislation that governs the export of livestock,” the Department stated.

“This includes providing complete and accurate information to the regulator as to how regulatory standards and licence conditions will be met and have been met.”

The Department said it would provide no further comment on either licence cancellation at this stage. However, it is now considering applications from other potential exporters to the Middle East against the strict requirements of the legislation.

“In addition, the Department is considering some further changes to conditions that will apply to the export of sheep to the Middle East once the northern hemisphere summer has ended,” the statement read.

Such charges are expected to consider recommendations made by Dr Michael McCarthy in his review of the conditions for the export of sheep to the Middle East during the northern summer.

The live export sector has been in damage control for much of the year following the broadcasting of sheep suffering in appalling conditions on board the vessel Awassi Express.”

Article Credit of The Daily Cargo News – September 5th 2018

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